Land rings

Fast moving Masts & Subs – Branded under the name ProRig™

Swing-lift Wireline raised Masts & Substructures

Conventional Box on Box Substructures

On-Floor Cantilever Masts

Rig Walking Lift & Roll Systems

Skidding Systems

Hydraulic Catwalks

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CustomRig™ Services

You choose the equipment supplier. You choose the configuration. We’ll build to your specifications.

We can fabricate CustomRigs in the design of your choice: box-on-box, wireline-raised, or hydraulically self-elevating.

The Factory we’ll work one-on-one with you to design the most cost-efficient, high-performance land rig possible.

ProRig™ Series

Reducing Rig-up and Rig-down time

Providing Safer operating parameters

Range of services

Rig-Up Services

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