Refractory and insulation

Refractory and Insulation Provide integral solutions that meet the requirements and needs of our customers, as well as the legal and regulatory applicable in our processes and products.

Our commitment is to maintain the strategy of continuous improvement within our processes, ensuring quality, managing our costs and our environment, working as a team with our suppliers and collaborators.

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Refractory and insulation

We design and develop products according to the needs of our customers. We offer technical advice and after-sales service

We manufacture and install silicoaluminous refractory concrete classified as:

Conventional, low cement, ultra-low cement

Mortars (air-set, dried, ceramic binding wet)

Plastics (phosphoric league, tarred league)

Projectable materials (cold or hot projection)

Prevailed parts for steel distributors, impact zones, baffles, turbulenica inhibitors

Refractory lances for oxygen injection, desulfurization and argon


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